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Doing What I Love To Do

Retail is not where I want to maintain a career. It is taking a toll on my health in a big way. Management harasses & micromanages employees, treats them like slaves, and the working conditions are not good. When corporate management comes to visit, it is the store employees that have to make the store management look good and work twice as hard. Certain retailers, such as Target, cut hard-working employees' hours, saying that "oh, there's not enough hours". Ok, if there are not enough hours, then why are you hiring new employees?? That does NOT make the slightest bit of sense to me. Retail is just plain horrible. I'm not trying to complain, but it's the reality in working in retail.... and that is why there is so much turnover. It is so important to take care of yourself. No job should ever compromise your health.

That is why I started my company Photoesque Designs where I provide photo shoot services, be the photographer at events, and of course, sell my beautiful artwork. I started developing a passion for photography many years ago when I bought my 110 Camera and started shooting everything when I was a kid. I always loved dropping off the film and couldn't wait to see how my pictures came out. I enjoy photography very much and touching up photos is very therapeutic for me. I started posting my work on my website which I created, invested, and maintained myself to post and sell my artwork. A few weeks ago, I started advertising photo shoots and I got some responses. I enjoy photography and I hope and pray that I can one day do photography on a FT basis.

Please check out my latest artwork and browse through collections such as nature, cityscapes, black & white, flowers, street photography, and much more. If you are located in NE New Jersey/ NYC metropolitan area and need a photographer for an event or promote your jewelry/ food/ clothing business, then please send me an email to and include your name, date/time, location, and budget, and I'll respond to you promptly. When you buy 3 or more pieces of art, you save 15% off your purchase! I look forward to serving you soon.
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(Huge Dishonorable Mention for Target Inc. for cutting hard-working employees' hours, then telling them "oh, there's not enough hours", but still hire new people.  I feel the reason behind that is to keep every non-managerial employee part-time so that they will not be entitled to health care. Also, they are known to take sheer advantage of external employees by leaving hours-long gaps in their electronics department schedule and expect the Target Tech employees who wear black shirts and get paid by an outside company to cover for them and not get paid by Target Inc.. if that is not considered taking advantage of someone, I do not know what is.) 

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