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Moving To A New Office are you or will you be moving to a brand new office, or just redecorating your present one?  Photoesque Designs can help.

     I have been working for a well-known florist in New York City for about five years and I help out with delivering flowers from time to time.  I have seen reception rooms, offices, as well as elaborate lower lobbies adorned with plants, floral arrangements, and beautiful artwork.  I would like help make your office looking pleasant and welcoming.  

     I have been shooting digital photography for about 15 years and I really enjoy capturing nature's beauty and man's creativity.  All of my artwork that I post on my website is indeed mine.  I take pictures of what ever catches my eye, alter it up a little to bring out more of the beauty, print the picture out using matte paper and place the photo in either a brush metal frame or a wooden frame with a white mat to properly center the photograph and make the piece of artwork sophisticated and elegant. 

      I invite you to come check out my artwork.  I have over seventy-five pieces of art with over a hundred variants: Color Print, Black & White Print, Antique/Sepia Print, different frame sizes, and different color frames.  My artwork will add stunning flair and elegance to your reception room, office, and even the employee break room. 

     Thank you for reading my first blog post here at Photoesque Designs and I look forward to doing business with you soon. 

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